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Fashion Show: The Models

Whenever we think of fashion, of the first things that comes to mind, is the omnipresent model. Model has become a part of our everyday culture, no longer just linked to those who strut their stuff on runways all over the world. In this spirit, many may have lost sight of the real model, what their life is like, and even who they are. Let’s meet a couple:

As the videos demonstrate, the often glamorized and misleading media portrayals of models are off-base. While they do enjoy their share of celebrity, models have serious work to do to get and stay in the positions they now find themselves in. For example, Gisele Bundchen lamented she was doing around 100 shows a season. Chanel Iman finds herself in the position that Gisele was once in, working nearly every show of the season just to get her name out there and increase her popularity as she gears up for an entry into other fields. Finally, Jaslene Gonzalez talks about the excitement about entering the modeling world, but then discusses the dangers of working in a field that so many work so hard to break into. She notes that many girls eat disturbingly small amounts of food and endure eating disorders simply to position themselves to apply to be a model.

That’s all for our look into female models for now, next time we will look at the male model.


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Runways: Part 2

Last time, we took a look an a contained, yet effective and innovative Versace runway design that focused on a single model walking a single path. Let’s turn out attention to a stunning Prada runway that refuses to be confined under the stereotypical image of a runway we have engrained in our minds.

Much like Versace in their men’s show, we can see that Prada exerted a great time of time and effort along with expending a large sum of money in creating their runway design. However, the similarities between the runways end there. Prada took on a three-pronged design that was designed to create a sort of controlled confusion. Models would either emerge from the center, as in a typical set-up or from the right side entrance and make a semi-circle around the stage, never striking the standard model pose.

Everything about this design was innovative, from the extravagant and sensual runway design to the off-the-beaten-path music selection. Bathed in gold lighting, only slightly elevated from the ground, and surrounded at times by columns, the design created an intimate atmosphere that stood out from every other fashion house. Moreover, the unique music selection slowed down the show for the models and the audience and added to the creative atmosphere Prada was going for.

We have covered a couple types of vastly different, yet very effective runway designs utilized by fashion houses as they strive to display their product in the most appealing and innovative manner. Next time, we will cover the models and take a behind the scenes look at a couple.


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Skinny or Bust?

I want to talk about the pervasive influence of fashion and image in the Italian, and specifically Milanese culture. Anywhere you look in Milan, you’ll find beautiful people, skinny to the bone, and draped in the finest fashion one can find behind the Duomo. While aesthetically pleasing, I soon realized that there was something truly disturbing about Milan’s fascination with fashion and concept of beauty.

My travels this semester have taken me to nearly every corner of Italy, from Capri and Naples to Venice and Lake Como. As I wandered the cobblestone-laden paths of these cities, I noticed many similarities in the architecture and way of life throughout the country. However, one aspect of Italian culture was noticeably different: the people.

People all over, whether it be in Rome or Parma, sit down to hearty meals with an appetite for food. The resulting body types are full, curvaceous, and attractive. However, the Milanese seem to have a fight to the bottom of the scales, a sort of constant race from food. It is truly disappointing to see a city with so much energy and character to be so shallow in the way it sees people. While Americans are essentially a foil to the Milanese, there is a lesson to be learned. We have plenty of people who are overweight and out of shape (too many, to be honest), but lack of obsession with image leads to a more relaxed and accepting culture.

I have been carefully observing the people of this city and I am always hard pressed to find anyone who is even slightly overweight. While this would generally be considered a good thing, the ramifications for someone who is overweight and the lengths to which people go to avoid it are frightening. Many a times, I have heard talk of skipping meals, eating a select few foods everyday, or more direct references to eating disorders.

Let me help you all visualize what the typical Milanese woman is expected to look like (as dictated by the media and culture):

Off to Dinner =]


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High fashion goes printed?

Fendi sends out a another uninspired, printed dress.

Fendi sends out a another uninspired, printed dress.

Yet another printed mess, this one from Gucci.

Yet another printed mess, this one from Gucci.

A few of the big houses seem off this year, especially with the rash of printed dresses we’ve seen on Milan’s runways. Most of these dresses look like something you could buy from from Charlotte Russe (a typical American thrift clothing store), not an inspired, intricate piece you are willing to spend a paycheck on.

– Binoy

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Women’s Fashion Week: Milan

Model who serves a purpose beyond that of coathanger.

Model who serves a purpose beyond that of coathanger.

Prada continues to parade malnutrioned women.

Prada continues to parade malnutrioned women.

Big shapes and bold lines dominated Milans runways this week.

Big shapes and bold lines dominated Milan's runways this week.

As Milan’s fashion week winds down, a noticeable shift in design is taking place. We are seeing the majority of designers lean towards clothes that will weather the seasonal shifts in fashion as consumers look for value in their purchases. The new looks are still gracing the runways with the omnipresent wild looks, but classic looks have made their way onto the runway as well.

I’ll leave you guys with some links to useful fashion sites for women:


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